Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Brick in the Invisible Prison

The lie we all tell ourselves to allow us to be herded like beef by the butchers is that obedience is control; life is good because no one is after me for anything. Parents, church, public education and government all depend on replacing individual’s innate curiosity by devotion to authority, enabling orderly fleecing, milking and harnessing by those who would profit from such duplicity.

That this is self-deception is exemplified by the conscious imitation of such control in most  individuals’ daily practice of “making a living” by profiting from the deception of fellow fools willing to pay; tithing to keep a good word in at the pearly gates ‘cause I been convinced God knows I’m the wretched sinner I can’t help but be down here in this miserable life.

The misery this life might seem to need rescuing from is caused by the general population not being sufficiently convinced of the lie because they're being nagged by the remnants of their curiosity still being able to recognize nature’s contradictions to the answers in the book being thrown at them by authority that falsely claims to live by it.

Obedient Nature

The kindness of strangers is exemplified where mutual benefit is the basis for all relations.

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