Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Out of the Smoke


Like the silk edge on my baby blanket
Events stream through my consciousness
And the two fingers I suckled then
Guide this pen to record them now.

Preferrences etch texture on the mirror of now
Making of life a story from this eternal instant

Thinking about thinking - that place between reality and perception where pre-verbial consciousness employs the chisel of duality to sculpt expression with precision.

At some point in the maturing of an organism the accumulation of size and survival skills is sufficient to give way to the ongoing increase in scope of perspective as the variety of experience either expands curiosity or refines defense of beliefs unchanged since that premature finish line,"adulthood," was declared achieved. The bredth and depth in scope of one's perspective when evaluating the effect upon the environment of ones size and skills reaches a clear threshold between agapé and usury that seems to describe a natural morality in a universe with no purpose.

Death is a natural phase of universal life - whether from old Age, predation or civilized rage matters not to the organism for which it is food.

The irony of the wealthy using excess money to attract the less wealthy to the milking barn is that they're depending on dependents, while the rest, the best, yet graze in the pasture uncalled by the mobs but by their expanding curiosity with no authority to answer.